How we do it

Exceed expectations

Although we don't use number 8 wire anymore... we still provide those outside-the-box solutions to client's problems that kiwi's are famous for. Using that initiative built on years of experience is what makes us uniquely different and capable.

Listen then deliver

We understand the importance of listening well and good communication. It's imperative to understand the unique requirements of each project so that we execute them quickly and efficiently without issue.

The right people

Our friendly team are always keen to assist with new projects. Benefit from our extensive experience in a wide variety of quality and time critical industries including experimental aeronautical and motorsport ensures projects proceed smoothly without hassle.


By investing in the latest equipment and the right team, we are able to provide quicker turnaround times for your project compared to other providers.  With close proximity to a major transportation hub, we can have finished projects delivered quickly and promptly. 


Contact Phil Kennedy for more information on...

+64 21 720 180 or email